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Customs Tariff Of The Russian Federation

(with the Amendments and Additions of May 30, July 15, August 12, 20, 30, 31, November 1, 12, 19, 2002, February 25, March 11, April 11, 24, 28, June 5, 20, 21, 24, July 7, 16, August 8, 27, September 10, October 18, November 11, 13, 24, 29, December 23, 24, 2003, January 23, 2004)
Adopted by the State Duma on December 20, 2001
Endorsed by the Council of Federation on December 26, 2001

Main Rules of Interpretation of the Commodity Classificationof the Foreign Economic Activity
The Peculiarities of Applying Specific and Combined Kinds of theRates of Import Customs Duties
Units of Measurement Applied in the Customs Tariff of the RussianFederation

Units of Measurement Applied in the Customs Tariff of the RussianFederation

Name of the unit of measurement Notation Code of the unit of
Main unit
Kilogram kg 166
Additional units of measurement
Gram g 163
Gram of fissionable isotopes g F/I 306
Load-carrying capacity in tons t lcc 185
Square meter m2 055
Kilogram of nitrogen kg N 861
Kilogram of potassium hydroxide kg KOH 859
Kilogram of sodium hydroxide kg NaOH 863
Kilogram of potassium oxide kg K2O 852
Kilogram of hydrogen peroxide kg H2O2 841
Kilogram of phosphoric anhydride kg P2O5 865
Kilogram of 90% dry matter kg 90% d/m 845
Kilogram of uranium kg U 867
Cubic meter m3 113
Curie CI 305
Liter l 112
Liter of pure (100%) alcohol l 100% alcohol 831
Meter m 006
Metric carat (1 carat = 2.10-4 kg) car 162
Pair pr 715
One hundred pieces 100 pcs. 797
One thousand pieces 1,000 pcs. 798
One piece pc. 796
1,000 kilowatt-hours 1,000 kW.h 246
1,000 cubic meters 1,000 m3 114
1,000 liters 1,000 l 130

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